Vol. 2 No. 1 (2022): Journal of Millimeterwave Communication, Optimization and Modelling

A Broadband Millimeter Wave Microstrip Antenna For 5G Communication Systems: Broadband Millimeter Wave Microstrip Antenna For 5G Communication Systems

Karabuk University
cover of the peer review journal about millimeterwave, wireless communication, optimization, modelling

Published 30.06.2022


  • broadband,
  • millimeter wave,
  • microstrip antenna,
  • 5G,
  • communication systems


Every day, more and more people throughout the globe own portable wireless gadgets. Larger data transfers and faster data speeds have been necessitated by this growth. In recent years, millimeter wave frequencies have been used for 5th Generation (5G) communication networks throughout the globe because of this demand. Studies have made use of the millimeter wave frequency, which has lately garnered the attention of microstrip antenna designers. Broad frequency coverage and fast data transmission rates are two of millimeter wave microstrip antennas' most significant advantages. High data transmission speeds will be possible because to this advantage, which will allow a large number of users to connect at once


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