Aims & Scope

Communication Technologies: Journal of Millimeter-wave Communication, Optimization and Modelling (JOMCOM) publishes original research and review articles in Communication Technologies, Innovative Technologies, and Systems in the broad field of Information- Communication Technology. Purpose of JOMCOM; To create value in the field by publishing original studies that will contribute to the literature in wireless communication sciences and be a resource for academia and industrial application whole over the world. Besides, JOMCOM aims to bring the valuable work of researchers working in Communication studies to a broader audience at home and abroad. Readership of JOMCOM; valuable representatives of the wireless communication area, especially those who do academic studies in it, and those who do academic studies about modelling and system design and other interested parties. Since JOMCOM will appeal to a broader audience in article submissions, it prioritizes studies prepared in English.

Optimization and Modelling: Journal of Millimeter-wave Communication, Optimization and Modelling (JOMCOM), within the scope of Wireless Communication Sciences, publishes articles on communication theory and techniques, systems and networks, applications, development and regulatory policies, standards, and management techniques. It also reports experiences and experiments, best practices and solutions, lessons learned, and case studies. Additional studies on System Design, Modelling and Optimization. Subject areas of interest covered in the journal include the following but are not limited to:


5G-6G Technologies

Antenna Design

Circuits for Optical Communication Systems

Innovative Designs for Communications

Integrated Circuits for Communications

Optimization Methods on Engineering

RF Circuits

System Design

Wireless Communication

Realization of Microwave, Radar, and Sonar Systems

Realization of Antenna Systems

Communication Design Materials

Visible Light Communication


Fiber Optic Communication