Vol. 2 No. 1 (2022): Journal of Millimeterwave Communication, Optimization and Modelling

Overview on Feeding Techniques of Microstrip Patch Antenna: Overview on Feeding Techniques of Microstrip Patch Antenna

Mustafa Ahmed Saadi
Karabuk university
cover of the peer review journal about millimeterwave, wireless communication, optimization, modelling

Published 30.06.2022


  • microstrip patch antenna,
  • feeding techniques,
  • microstrip line feed,
  • co-axial feed ,
  • aperture coupled feed,
  • proximity coupled feed
  • ...More


Antennas in general, patch antenna in particular, have been studied during the past six decades by a large number of researchers and graduate students specialized in microwave engineering because of its many advantages. As this type of antenna have many uses in the fields of wireless communication. In terms of design, this antenna has several layers stacked on top of each other and numbering three. The three layers are mediated by a layer of insulating material called the substrate layer. As for the first layer, it is called the patch and it consists of a conductive material such as copper. Finally, the third layer is called the ground plane and consists of the same material as the first layer. One of the advantages of this antenna is that it is easily integrated with the rest of the communication system devices because of its flat shape. What matters in the design of the antenna is the values of its coefficients, the most important of which is the input impedance. Therefore, the importance of choosing the appropriate feeding technique for the antenna in its application is evident. In this report, the existing feeding techniques for the patch hobby will be presented.


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