Vol. 1 No. 2 (2021): Journal of Millimeterwave Communication, Optimization and Modelling

Evaluation of IoT: Challenges and Risks on Communication Systems

Mostafa Alghentawi
Karabuk University
indexed journal communication engineering

Published 31.12.2021


  • internet of things,
  • IoT’s architecture,
  • implications of IoT,
  • network protocols,
  • communication systems


Internet of Things (IoT) is a new-fangled prototype, which supplies a chain of new services/products for the upcoming technological innovations wave. IoTs' applications are roughly boundless in terms of enabling a smooth integration between the digital world and the physical world; where IoT can be implemented everywhere like smart (environment, city or businesses), security, smart business process, home automation, energy sector, education, healthcare and so on. Moreover, despite all the massive efforts of researchers, developers, experts to cover the full potential of IoT, there are still various problems and challenges need to deal with. In this survey paper, we will present a preface on some important aspects, applications and protocols with regards to the emerging area of IoT. This paper also will highlight the challenges of IoT might face, applications that have the possibility to achieve a fundamental change in human life, in addition to the risks of IoT and its impacts on our life in terms of privacy invasion and security issues. Moreover, SWOT Analysis will be conducted by identifying the Internal Factors of the IoT (Strength and Weaknesses) as well as the External Factors (Opportunities and Threats).


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