Vol. 1 No. 1 (2021): Journal of Millimeterwave Communication, Optimization and Modelling

Modelling an Automatic Recognition System for Iraq Vehicle License Plates by MATLAB

Faraj Humaidan Faraj
Phd Candidate
JOMCOM Journal Cover

Published 07.11.2021


  • OCR,
  • Automatically recognition of plate detection,
  • Traffic rules of Iraq,
  • Licence plate,
  • Optical character recognition


Due to the increase in the number of people and vehicles nowadays, the need for systems that allow automatic recognition of vehicle license plates has increased. Intended use can be briefly explained as traffic monitoring, control and surveillance. The automatic vehicle license plate recognition system in different countries may have similar features, however the character recognition system differs from country to country. In this paper, an automatic license plate recognition system has been developed for Iraq. For this purpose, an Arabic character database was created, and automatic recognition was made for different types of license plates of different cities of Iraq. 50 images were selected for the Iraq license plate and applied with the help of OCR MatLab; wherein the plate location is determined in the vehicle drawing by 48 plate localization from 50 plates.



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